More than a Market

Something More was created to provide an online space for impact brands to share their stories and products with conscious people like you! Choosing the brands, nonprofits, and causes you align with has never been easier or more fun.

Something More is much more than a market. We provide an online space for impact brands to share their mission and an avenue to grow and expand to reach a wider audience and drive more positive change. Conscious shoppers like you can look for products that align with the causes you believe in and change shopping for everyday products into an opportunity to help the world and society - simply by living your values!

We have high standards and many brands simply don't meet them. That’s why we’ve developed our unique 10-factor criteria for reviewing brands before featuring them on our site. You can rest assured that any brand we feature is as committed to their values are we are.

We are cruelty free certified by Leaping Bunny! Learn more about it here.

three kinds of brands

Our mission is to connect as many conscious buyers with the best impact brands in the world. We do this by working closely with brands that come from the United States, other countries, and nonprofits that create products as part of their mission. 

On Something More there are three types of organizations: Partner Brands, Affiliate Brands and Non-Profit Brands. The differences depend on their origin, for-profit status and many other factors.

Partner Brands

Partner Brands are based overseas and work directly with us to introduce their products into the US in a sustainable way. We fulfill these orders directly from our warehouse using carbon neutral shipping and compostable packaging. You can identify them by the blue corner on their product images.


Many Non-Profits sell products to raise funds and support their mission, and it's our honor to welcome them to Something More! Like Affiliate Brands, we don't stock or fulfill their products ourselves, so orders ship directly from them to you. Rest assured, when you buy any products from our Non-Profit partners, 100% of the proceeds go to them. Your purchase helps fund their mission directly, lessening their reliance on donations. You can identify them by the black corner on their product images.

Affiliate Brands

These brands are based in the US and have incredible impact missions! Unlike Partner Brands, we don't stock or fulfill their products directly so orders will be shipped directly from them to you. You can identify them by the yellow corner on their product images.

- All brands on Something More have satisfied our 10-factor criteria and US shipping is always 100% FREE and 100% Carbon Neutral -

More than an Impact

By choosing to shop at Something More, you are having a positive effect on the world.

It's becoming increasingly important to align our lifestyle with our values. At Something More, we want to bring attention and support to every brand working on providing solutions to everyday problems and offering products that don't have a negative impact on the planet or our bodies. Therefore, we categorize brands on Something More based on impact categories, which we call Causes. Each brand focuses on one or multiple of these key issues humanity is facing. When you support these brands and non-profits, your conscious spending is helping fight to solve these problems!


of our mailers are compostable


of our office and warehouse are solar powered

Our Partners support the following missions:

  • Hunger and Malnutrition
  • Education
  • Natural Disaster Relief
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Water, Sanitation and Economic Development
  • Ocean and Biodiversity
  • Health and Wellness
  • Human and Animal Rights
  • Sustainability


of our Partner Brand import shipments are carbon neutral, and every order placed on Something More is carbon neutral. You also have the option to offset even more CO2 at checkout to make your order carbon negative. We partner with organizations like Sendle, Cloverly, and South Pole to ensure that carbon offsetting projects get funding from our orders.

Something More pledges to be a sustainable organization. We only work with organizations that are dedicated to our shared values. Our office and warehouse runs on 100% solar power. All shipments from our warehouse are 100% carbon neutral. We use mailers and padding material that are 100% compostable.

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