Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream
Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream

Calendula Fields Nº 55 | Natural Body Cream

The Organic Republic


The Organic Republic's Body Cream Nº 10 is extremely nourishing thanks to the hydrating and 100% natural ingredients. Not only will it hydrate your driest areas, but you can also use this as a daily moisturizer - just be sure not use near open wounds or on broken skin! The oat extract in particular promotes cell regeneration while acting anti-inflammatory properties reduce wrinkles too; chamomile extracts helps promote healing by acting like an astringent which reduces inflammation when applied topically . Lastly, calendula oil has been known for centuries (and continues today) as both soothing relief from minor pain.

eco friendly

cruelty free

responsible sourcing

women owned

low carbon footprint

made in Spain

ideal for normal & dry skin & hair

green clay is perfect oily skin and hair as it hydrates and eliminates buildups of oil from face, hair & scalp

natural ingredients, always

The Organic Republic only uses natural ingredients to make every product. There are no additives or synthetic ingredients!

no artificial fragrance

The Organic Republic never uses artificial or synthetic fragrances! only natural ones

eco friendly and sustainable

free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, or petroleum derivatives. 

What's it for?

The Organic Republic's Body Cream Nº 10 provides an instant moisturizing effect thanks to its natural ingredients. The oat extract promotes cell regeneration and acts anti-inflammatory properties, reducing wrinkles too! Chamomile extracts help heal your skin by acting like astringents when applied topically; they reduce inflammation making this product perfect for dry areas such as elbows or knees that need extra attention paid them during winter months

This product free of sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, silicones, or petroleum derivatives. 

Is it Something More?

Inspired by the ancient Greek word for the heart, κέᾰρ® (Kear, pronounced "care") brings back to life timeless natural skincare. Ancient cosmetic formulas are now shaped into potent and unique products that meet the needs of today’s fast-paced daily personal care routine. To explain, the power of Greek elements, ingredients, and scents blend in harmony to create clean skincare that is safe, multipurpose, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and fit for all. Kear skincare line includes thirteen-star products, all produced locally according to tradition and to EU regulations, in certified labs that have undergone all tests.

We’re on a mission to revive long-forgotten ancient cosmetic formulas and prove that they are still efficient. We did this by utilizing and adapting Greek scholars' techniques, which resulted in our award-winning products that are always mindful of your needs!

The whole mission of Kear is to provide you with quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly. All products are animal friendly and cruelty free, no ingredient was ever tested on animals! For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, kear products come in recyclable packaging. The company offers an eco-friendly alternative that is more sustainable than traditional retail and creates minimal waste for landfills or incinerators!


If you'd like to learn more about The Organic Republic, take a look at their brand store!

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"productos naturales y comprometidos con el medio ambiente que funcionan de verdad ¡Repetiré la compra sin duda alguna!"

"Natural and environmentally friendly products that really work. I will repeat the purchase without any doubt!"

- Lucia

Something More is committed to bring the best products in the world without compromising on sustainable and eco-friendly standards!

Compostable Shipping

We use 100% compostable padding material, tape, shipping labels, and mailers for all orders!

Carbon Neutral

Our facility is 100% solar powered and all of our shipments, from receivals to order fulfillments, are carbon neutral.

Support Your Causes

We donate a portion of proceeds from each Impact category to a non-profit or charity that works in that cause.